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September 2015

Fostering Congruence – Framing organisations for the 21st century…

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Purpose + Community + Learning + Contribution + Wellbeing Five essential focal-anchors of a sustainable organisation.... and Shared purpose + enabling leadership + meaningful relationships + collaborative learning Four critical elements of a sustainable organisational culture   How does your organisation measure up? Does your organisation have a beyond-profit purpose (raison d’etre) that is embraced [...]

February 2015

Presencing Congruence – leaning into the future

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Harnessing the potential of an open mind, an open heart and an open will to co-evolve a more congruent society How Theory U, Appreciative Inquiry and The Congruence Framework could enable a conversation to change a country 'With an open mind we can suspend old habits of thought. With an open heart we can empathise, [...]

December 2014

Appreciative Congruence – the art of creating harmonious communities

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Five conversations that will enable our organisations to become positive communities of purpose AI+CF: Using the power of affirmative enquiry and the potential of the congruence framework to discover, dream, design and deliver congruent organisations and communities I am continually surprised by what I don't know and sometimes frustrated that an important and enlightening field [...]