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August 2015

Building resilient organisations – aligning individual and organisational ‘bounce’

By | 2015-09-08T16:01:45+00:00 August 30th, 2015|Collaborative Learning, Congruence, Enabling Leadership, Meaningful Relationships, Resilience, Shared Purpose|

It was a pleasure to meet recently with Sven Hansen, the founder of The Resilience Institute, and to read his new book 'Inside - Out – The Practice of Resilience'. Sven's definition of resilience is evidenced in the following diagram, which also frames the structure of his book, a very informative and evidence-based discussion about [...]

August 2014

Leadership is about helping other people to succeed

By | 2015-09-08T16:18:27+00:00 August 7th, 2014|Congruence, Enabling Leadership|

 The five principles that guide an enabling leader Leadership with PURPOSE, LOVE, HUMILITY, SERVICE and GRATITUDE Most leadership models subscribe to a definition of leadership that expects leaders to influence their followers to pursue a common interest or achieve a common goal. This typically positions leaders as being in-charge and/or in-control and reinforces the traditional [...]

June 2014

Unfolding the future together – the mindfulness of congruent organisations

By | 2014-06-17T19:59:56+00:00 June 14th, 2014|Congruence, Enabling Leadership, Mindfulness|

How emerging organisational models are responding to a shift in global consciousness ‘Can we create organisations free of the pathologies that show up all too often in the workplace? Free of politics, bureaucracy, and infighting; free of stress and burnout; free of resignation, resentment and apathy; free of posturing at the top and the drudgery [...]