September 2015

Fostering Congruence – Framing organisations for the 21st century…

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Purpose + Community + Learning + Contribution + Wellbeing Five essential focal-anchors of a sustainable organisation.... and Shared purpose + enabling leadership + meaningful relationships + collaborative learning Four critical elements of a sustainable organisational culture   How does your organisation measure up? Does your organisation have a beyond-profit purpose (raison d’etre) that is embraced [...]

August 2015

Building resilient organisations – aligning individual and organisational ‘bounce’

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It was a pleasure to meet recently with Sven Hansen, the founder of The Resilience Institute, and to read his new book 'Inside - Out – The Practice of Resilience'. Sven's definition of resilience is evidenced in the following diagram, which also frames the structure of his book, a very informative and evidence-based discussion about [...]

February 2015

Presencing Congruence – leaning into the future

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Harnessing the potential of an open mind, an open heart and an open will to co-evolve a more congruent society How Theory U, Appreciative Inquiry and The Congruence Framework could enable a conversation to change a country 'With an open mind we can suspend old habits of thought. With an open heart we can empathise, [...]

Adaptable authenticity?

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A recent Harvard Business Review article titled "The Authenticity Paradox" claimed that "too rigid a definition of authenticity can get in the way of effective leadership". But I would say that, on the contrary, too loose a definition of authenticity disables leadership – but, of course, it depends what you mean by authenticity and leadership. [...]

January 2015

Is this my community?

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  Five questions for our government – five opportunities for conversations about the future of our national community. (Although this post reflects a New Zealand perspective, I know that the questions posed are also relevant for other democracies where growing income inequality evidences unsustainable inequities in the way we treat 'our people' – the national community we presume [...]

December 2014

Appreciative Congruence – the art of creating harmonious communities

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Five conversations that will enable our organisations to become positive communities of purpose AI+CF: Using the power of affirmative enquiry and the potential of the congruence framework to discover, dream, design and deliver congruent organisations and communities I am continually surprised by what I don't know and sometimes frustrated that an important and enlightening field [...]

October 2014

Adaptive+Collaborative Management – the art of enabling possible futures

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 LEADERSHIP is about enabling the emergence of possible futures. MANAGEMENT is about enabling the presence of those possible futures. The five characteristics of enabling management – why PURPOSEFUL, INCLUSIVE, HUMBLE, COLLABORATIVE and CARING management enables an organisational community to successfully navigate disruptive change. My recent post profiled enabling leadership as an opportunity for communities to share [...]

August 2014

Leadership is about helping other people to succeed

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 The five principles that guide an enabling leader Leadership with PURPOSE, LOVE, HUMILITY, SERVICE and GRATITUDE Most leadership models subscribe to a definition of leadership that expects leaders to influence their followers to pursue a common interest or achieve a common goal. This typically positions leaders as being in-charge and/or in-control and reinforces the traditional [...]

July 2014

‘Money, money, money… its a rich man’s game’

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The problem with money as a measure of equitable value I think an increasing number of people share my concern that the traditional capitalist model, which continues to underpin Western democracies and to forcefully confront other models of community governance, is severely broken. Protectors of the capitalist realm argue that capitalism is superior to other [...]

June 2014

Unfolding the future together – the mindfulness of congruent organisations

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How emerging organisational models are responding to a shift in global consciousness ‘Can we create organisations free of the pathologies that show up all too often in the workplace? Free of politics, bureaucracy, and infighting; free of stress and burnout; free of resignation, resentment and apathy; free of posturing at the top and the drudgery [...]